Transformational Youth Leadership International is a Non-Profit Organisation(NPO); solely and purposefully established as an eye-opener educational, coaching and training organization for EMPOWERMENT; whose ultimate aim and focus is to empower the masses; especially, the YOUTHS and YOUNG ADULTS with Visionary and Transformational leadership; through organized conferences, seminars, talk-shows, Workshops, practical trainings, Coaching and demonstrations; using qualified, experienced and skilful resource personnels as the master and advanced tool for all empowerments.




Raising, Educating, Coaching and Empowering the YOUTHS and YOUNG ADULTS for Visionary and Transformational Leadership; and infusing into them the ability, capacity and the capability to take the mantle of leadership “tomorrow”.


** TO build and develop the human resource capacity of the YOUTHS and YOUNG ADULTS with the use of the experteeism of highly skilled, experienced and professional Resource Personnels for their ultimate unbeatable empowerment.


Transformational Youths Leadership International(TYLI); is totally and wholly committed to the achievement, accomplishment and fulfillment of the following goals and objectives:
1) To cultivate in the YOUTHS and YOUNG ADULTS , how they can discover and unlock their potentials to become who God has ordained and destined them to be; by embracing integrity, diligence, truthfulness, trustworthiness and striving for excellence as a characteristic of the eagle soaring high above the winds of adversity…….



Transformational Youth Leadership International has a specific clear-cut and well-defined mandate to reach the youths of Africa and the world at large with the message of TRANSFORMATIONAL AND VISIONARY LEADERTSHIP. Nevertheless, since our vision is mainly achieved through ORGANIZED CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS AND TALKSHOWS to the larger percentage of the youths in secondary and tertiary institutions and in the churches and mosques, our strategic operational mode are carefully and vividly outlined to enhance and to promote fruitfulness and productivity for FUTURE SOUND LEADERSHIP GREATNESS. 1) Official Administrative Written Application will be submitted to the office of the Education Minister for TYLI’S approval and permission to hold such eye-opener empowered educative CONFERENCES, SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS in all selected secondary and tertially institutions provincially for the ultimate empowerment of SOUND FUTURE LEADERSHIP GREATNESS which has the capacity to promote unlimited economic growth and productivity. 2) To enhance and to promote efficiency and effectiveness, an attractive Strategic Awareness Group called “CHAMPIONS IN THE MAKING” will be set up in every secondary institution as a club where such conferences and seminars are held and conducted, to enhance future SOUND LEADERSHIP GREATNESS; with motivational incentives to promote BELONGING and PARTICIPATION in the club. 3) Similarly, an attractive Strategic Awareness Group called “HEROES and LEGENDS IN THE MAKING” will be set up in every tertiary institution as a club where such conferences, seminars and workshops are held and conducted to enhance their awareness and sensitivity of their SOUND FUTURE LEADERSHIP GREATNESS; and also with motivational incentives to promote BELONGING and PARTICIPATION in the club. 4) In addition, TYLI will also ensure that, thought-provoking educative programmes such as “ASPIRING TO LEADERSHIP GREATNESS” and “RE-WRITING YOUR LEGENDARY STORY”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ministry of Youths and Manpower Development will be organized periodically in the secondary and tertiary institutions on provincial levels through organized conferences, seminars, workshops and talkshows. This all-important initiative will help bring and establish the awareness and sensitivity of their future leadership greatness, championship, heroism and legendary. A HUNT FOR FUTURE SOUND LEADERSHIP GREATNESS. 5) Furthermore, TYLI will operate through the various countless numbers of YOUTHS GROUPS in churches, mosques and other religious bodies with Youth Groups for educating, training, coaching, informing and empowering them with ALL THE ABOVE NUMERATED PROGRAMMES AND ACTIVITIES; through conferences, seminars, workshops and talkshows for the enhancement of future sound leadership greatness. 6) Not all, as part of the achievement and accomplishment programmes of TYLI for the YOUTHS and YOUNG ADULTS, organized National Debates among educational institutions and among religious bodies on most highly-sensitive and most-destructive subjects such as: a)THE DANGERS IN DRUGS AND SUBSTANCE USAGE b) THE DANGERS IN TEENAGE PREGNANCY AND ABORTION c) EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE VRS ALCOHOLISM just to mention a few, would be organized periodically on provincial levels to enhance AWARENESS and possible ABSTENANCE. “Excellent maintenance, sustenance and preservation of the lives of a nation’s youths is what guarantees the availability of excellent, quality and durable future leadership.”


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