Transformational Youth Leadership International is a Non-Profit Organisation(NPO); solely and purposefully established as an eye-opener educational, coaching and training organization for EMPOWERMENT; whose ultimate aim and focus is to empower the masses; especially, the YOUTHS and YOUNG ADULTS with Visionary and Transformational leadership; through organized conferences, seminars, talk-shows, Workshops, practical trainings, Coaching and demonstrations; using qualified, experienced and skilful resource personnels as the master and advanced tool for all empowerments.

Intensive survey and critical analysis through the years have proven the LACK OF SKILLFUL, EXPERIENCED, RENEWED AND REFINED MINDS AS WELL AS TRANSFORMATIONAL AND VISIONARY LEADERSHIP to be the cause of governmental, institutional, ministerial and industrial breakdown; thereby, resulting in all-round dwindling productivity to its extreme lowest level, making life unbearable and devaluing manpower development which is the ultimate asset and ultimate empowerment for better livelihood and peaceful living. VISIONARY and TRANSFORMATIONAL Leadership; which has the absolute capacity to empower a nation’s unlimited productivity, growth and stability; thereby, empowering the nation to be rated and categorized among the world’s leaders in productivity and in manpower development; as the Bible clearly emphasizes “Through wisdom is an house builded, and by understanding it is established; through knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”(PROVERBS 24:3-4)
One of the ultimate eye-opener functions and goals of TYLI is EDUCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT , SKILLS EMPOWERMENTand SKILLS DEVELOPMENT , COACHING and EMPOWERMENT THROUGH TRAINING to the Youths and Young Adults; whereby, school-going brilliant, but needy drop-out children are discovered, encouraged, motivated and enrolled back to school; whilst those who are suitable for apprenticeship are also enrolled into their respective fields of interest, gifting, talents and other endeavours.
As the YOUTHS and YOUNG ADULTS of every nation are the hopeful representation of the nation’s future assets of leadership; TRANSFORMATIONAL YOUTHS LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL has her ultimate mandate and commission of raising, educating, coaching, training and empowering this sector and category of the nation’s population to be “Emerging Leaders of Excellence and Champions of Tomorrow”; hence, infusing into them , the ultimate ability and the absolute capacity to take the mantle of leadership “tomorrow”; in order to promote irresistible advancement, unlimited productivity, progress and international competition on the global market; as LEADERSHIP is not only doing it by yourself, but being able to empower others to do what you are capable of doing; for, “LEADERSHIP IS ALL ABOUT EMPOWERMENT.”
Transformational Youths Leadership International;(TYLI),

as the Organisation’s Logo and Trade Mark symbolizes and represents; operates mainly on the application of the unbeatable and irresistible characteristics of the EAGLE : her limitless vision, power, strength, zeal, relentlessness, courage, focus, confidence, resilience, wisdom, resistance ability and capacity; plus her self-empowerment ability, capacity and strategy to regain back her lost strength through strategic calculated hideout exercise for self-empowerment inside hidden rocks far above the highest altitudes.
**The Transformational Youths Leadership International, therefore, is unstoppably and irresistibly driven and propelled by an internally-embodied mechanism which enforces her vision, goals and objectives to be fully achieved and accomplished with excellence; bringing out her finished products pure, unspotted, refined, unblemished, unfeigned and highly crystallized for public admiration. TYLI in collaboration with the eagle’s swiftness, relentlessness, courage, wisdom, resilience, vision, power, strength and tenacity as the logo indicates; clearly and vividly informs the Global Community of leadership; the standardized operational mode with which TYLI operates; giving the ultimate consideration to the VALUE OF EXCELLENCE; which guards all her operations. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL(TYLI); empowering the YOUTHS for Visionary and Transformational Leadership; and furthermore, equipping YOUNG ADULTS with the requisite skills for amazing fruitfulness and unlimited productivity .


The VISION, MISSION and PHILOSOPHY of Transformational Youths Leadership International(TYLI) are clearly and vividly outlined, making it one of the most vibrant, vigorous and outstanding youths organizations in the world; which headquarters is situated in Pretoria-SOUTH AFRICA.

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